The Crew

The AsoBrain Crew list

This page shows all available crew functions of our website, forums and games. If you see an opening on a position you would like to fulfill, send me your application. Explain why you are interested and why you think you would be the best candidate.

Lobby Operator

Xplorers: Armani, Ready2, Terryfic

Toulouse: Girodias, Rmj3000

  • Maintain order in the lobby's
  • Help problems with players and games
  • Answer or redirect simple questions
  • Take and report complaints

Report Operator

Report Operators: -

  • Read and categorize reported chats
  • Notify Report Manager a person needs a ban or warning

Report Manager

Current Report Manager: -

  • Handle notifications of Report Operators a person needs a ban or warning
  • When necessary set a warning or ban and handle objections
  • Deal with and respond to requests to be unbanned

Ranking Manager

Current Ranking Manager: -

  • Firm understanding of the ranking procedure required
  • Moderator of ranking section on forum
  • Answer or redirect questions about ranking
  • Alert crew of important ranking discussions
  • Detect, warn, ban ranking cheaters (in cooperation with Lobby Manager)

Clan Manager

Current Clan Manager: Watsaname

  • Moderator of clan sections on forum
  • Answer or redirect questions about clans and X-Wars
  • Alert crew of important clan discussions
  • Introduce new clans and check on clan conditions
  • Maintain contact with the clan (leaders)
  • Keep the clans active

Tournament Manager

Current Tournament Manager: -

  • Moderator of tournament sections on forum
  • Organize or guide organizing tournaments
  • Alert crew of important tournament discussions

Registration Manager

Current Registration Manager: Snefroe

  • Moderator of new registrations
  • Answer or redirect questions about registrations