1. Summary  
2. What is not allowed at AsoBrain Games?  
3. How do I report a violation?  
4. My roommate is banned, why can't I play?  

2. What is not allowed at AsoBrain Games?

Forbidden words


When you create or join a new game, please finish it! Unless the game stalls or there's something wrong or you all agree to start over, it is plain rude to quit a game and let the bot continue. (read more)

Verbal Abuse

Some people sometimes cannot accept the fact that they are losing or other playing to slow (in their oppinion). These people will sometimes start verbaly abusing their opponents. Besides the fact that this doesn't indicate very much intelligence, we will not tolerate this behaviour. If you experience this, first see if there's an operator (players with '@' in front of their names) in the lobby. If so, the operator will come and see what the problem is. If there's no operator nearby, make a screenshot of the chatbox, send it to us, and we will take appropriate action. This can be just a warning or an immediate ban from the site.

Other unwanted language:

  • Vulgar language (e.g. f-word, c-word, wtf etc.)
  • Sexual language (intimidation, horny talk)
  • Insults to world religions (e.g. using holy names to curse)

Sabotage / Stalling

Unfortunately some people find it nessesairy to sabotage a game by taking the full minutes (3 for Xplorers, 1 for Toulouse) every turn on purpose or keep abandoning and entering over and over again. If you experience this, again, look for an operator or email us directly with a screenshot.

Cheating / Team play

Some people take the ranking so seriously that they decide to register two or more users and letting themselves or close friends win over and over again. However booring this may seem, this does happen. If you have reasonable doubt about a player doing so, please let us know. Luckily we can pretty much confirm if a player has done so.

Publicly accusing players

If you have a complaint about certain player(s) (e.g. team play), please do not post such a complaint in the public lobby or forums. You can file a complaint to the proper manager using the contact form on the website.

Playing with friends

Many people like to come here and play with one of their friend and one other human in the ranking lobby. We have no problem with this as long as you do this every once in a while and you play enough games with other people. When you play with the same person too often, especially when the same person wins most of the time this will come across as suspicious. On top of that, scoring ranking points aquired by always playing the same opponent doesn't give you a fair ranking picture.

So, if you insist on playing with your friend over and over, even if you have no bad intentions, please go to the non-ranking lobby to avoid complaints and corrupting the ranking system. Not doing so can cause us to conclude you are cheating the ranking system (see previous paragraph).


Our site should not be used as a platform to advertise your own, or other popular sites. Sending a message into the lobby over and over and over again (commercial or not) is considered spamming and will not be tolerated.


AsoBrain is an international site and English is the site's language. You wouldn't appriciate it if others would chat in a language you don't understand, so please realize you chatting in non-english is not only unwanted, it can also irritate others.

Slow players

Different people take different amount of time finishing their turns. If you feel your opponent is playing too slow, you can ask him or her to speed things up. This however, is not a guarantee that your opponent will actually play faster. Demanding someone to play faster when he or she doesn't want to is not fair by our standards.


If an operator asks you to stop doing something, that might not be described on this page, please follow the orders of the operator. We cannot describe every problem known to man on this page.