How do I make a donation?  
I want to make a donation but there is no link to do so  
Why donations?  
What is Stichting AsoBrain?  
What is the money from the heartbeat donations used for?  
How long does it take before I get my heartbeat icon?  
I want to donate, but I don't want the heartbeat icon  
Why is my Heartbeat icon gone?  
Can I buy an account by making a donation?  
What does the big heart on the play page show?  

Why donations?

First off, we need the money to keep our servers on the internet. We used to pay for this ourselves, but with the ever growing number of players we can't anymore.

We really like to keep our site free for play for whoever wants to play. This is why we don't want to ask for an entrance fee.

We absolutely hate (annoying) flashing banners and/or pop-up windows. We like to keep the website simple and calm.