How do I make a donation?  
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Why donations?  
What is Stichting AsoBrain?  
What is the money from the heartbeat donations used for?  
How long does it take before I get my heartbeat icon?  
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What is Stichting AsoBrain?

'Stichting AsoBrain' is the dutch translation for the 'AsoBrain Foundation'. The foundation was brought to life to clarify the fact that the donations are meant for the maintance of the website, not as a personal reward.

We are not some (part of a) grand organisation. 'We' are a couple of people who run the foundation (and the website) for our hobby and the pleasure of people enjoying.

The foundation

The foundation exists of 3 members: Aso, Cuarentaytres and Aso's father.

Technical maintence

The technical maintenance is done by Aso on his own.

Daily duty

Running the website it self (verbal abuse, cheaters, tournaments, quitters) is done by Aso with the help of a hand full of crew members.