How do I make a donation?  
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What is the money from the heartbeat donations used for?  
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What does the big heart on the play page show?  

What does the big heart on the play page show?

The big heart is the donation meter of AsoBrain Games. It shows the approximate current balance of the foundation. With 100% being fully prepared and 0% meaning we have no money left.

It is not fully automatic because it is not directly linked to paypal or our bank account. So please don't be disappointed the percentage doesn't go up right after you donate (it is manually adjusted after receiving several donations or a big expense). It does drop in percentage automatically reflecting our estimate daily expenses.

Here are some examples:
Excellent! When the heart shows 100% we have enough funds to keep us going for several months. The donation page will be disabled.
Good. When the heart is almost full we can use your donation but we can still pay for the upcoming bills or unexpected hardware failures.
Poor. When the heart is almost empty we can really use your donations. We are not in debt yet but paying the next couple of bills might be a problem already.
Problem! If the heart is close to empty we have no money to pay for anything and are in risk of getting in debt again and possibly shutting down the website.
-20% Risk! Hoping this will never happen again ever, there is no example image I can show yet. If the percentage is a negative number it means we are in debt and in danger of having to close down the website.