AsoBrain Foundation

The AsoBrain Foundation was brought to life to clarify the fact that donatios are used to maintain AsoBrain Games and not as a personal reward for Aso and his crew.

We are not some (part of a) grand organisation. 'We' are a hand full of people who run the foundation (and website) as a hobby and the pleasure of seing people enjoy.

Board Members

  • Chairman: Sjoerd Bouwman a.k.a. Aso
  • Member: Evelyn Ernst a.k.a. Cuarentaytres
  • Treasurer: Ger Bouwman a.k.a. Aso's father

Technical Crew

Game development, website programming and server maintenance is done by Aso.

Website Crew

Running the website itself (dealing with misbehavior, organizing events) is done by Aso with the help of a hand full of crew members.

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