Ingenious User Interface Manual

This page describes how to operate the various controls of the user interface of AsoBrain's Ingenious. For the rules to the game 'Ingenious', please read Ingenious Rules!

Pick up a tile

  • Left click on one of your tiles to stick it to your mouse pointer and release the mouse button (recommended)
  • You may also drag while holding the mouse button but this is less accurate and more susceptible to errors.

Rotate a tile

  • Use your right and middle mouse button to rotate the tile (counter) clockwise (recommended)
  • You can also press the 'space' key on your keyboard to rotate a tile
  • You can also hoover over one of the rotation spots and click your left mouse button

Drop a tile

  • Spots on the board will highlight in yellow (valid placement) or red (invalid placement)
  • To drop your tile on the board, left click your mouse to release the tile
  • When using the drag method, simply release your mouse button to drop the tile
  • The Game will animate your scoring chains in each direction.

End turn

  • Your turn will automatically end when you placed your tile and you may not place another
  • Your tiles will automatically be re-filled to 6 tiles
  • If you have no tiles from each of your least scoring colors the game will ask you if you wish to replace them
Ingenious Control Areas

Your/Opponent Score Board

  • Your (opponents) name
  • Current score in text
  • 'Its your turn' when it's your turn
  • Game time clock. With inside, the total time in minutes spent making moves (human games only)
  • Score for each color represented by 18 colored cells per color
  • Black line to indicate your actual score from your least scoring color(s)

Chat Area

  • Envelope icon/button: Report the chat conversation to the crew
  • Clock icon/button: Show/Hide time stamps of chat lines

Rotation Spots

  • Click while holding a tile over this area to rotate your tile
  • Left rotation spot rotates counter clockwise
  • Right rotation spot rotates clockwise

Turn Clock (human games only)

  • Shows the time spent during the current turn
  • When the turn time is almost exceeded, the clock will grow to double it's size
  • When the turn time is exceeded, the clock will turn red indicating your are taking too long to make your move and you may be kicked by your opponents.

Empty Space

  • During the game (your own or your opponents turn) you can pick up tiles and drop them anywhere on empty space (except in the chat area)
  • Use this to prepare your next move or 'reserve' one of your tiles for a specific spot
  • Be carefull where you place them, you might forget about them or accidentally slide the off the table on to the ground!