Ingenious Rules

Empty Ingenious Board
Empty Ingenious Board with 6 starting hexes


Players take turns placing double hexed tiles on the board trying to make chains of same colored symbols. The longer the chains of colors, the more points you score for that specific color. The player that is first to score 18 points on each color wins. Usually the board is full before this happens, the player with the Best-Worst color wins.

Start of the game

Each player gets 6 double hexed tiles with 2 random colored symbols on each tile. In the first round, each player must place their first tile next to one of the 6 available pre-placed hexes. In rounds to follow, players may place their tiles on any empty spots on the board. After each turn your tiles are re-filled so you have 6 tiles for your next turn again.


Tiles can have 6 different colored symbols:

Ingenious Colors
  • Red Mine
  • Green Ball
  • Blue Multigon
  • Orange Cube
  • Yellow Spikes
  • Magenta Knot

Each tile is made of two hexes linked together with a random colored symbol on each hex:

Ingenious Tile Examples
Ingenious Scoring Directions
10 Scoring Directions

Color Scoring

When a tile is placed on the board, chains of the same color/symbol are counted for both symbols on the tile in each of its 5 free directions. A chain is made by 1 or more symbols of the same color (not counting the placing tile itself).

Here are some examples: (the placing tile is highlighted with green borders)

Scoring Example
  • Red to north west: 1 chain of 1 Red
  • Red to north east: 1 chain of 1 Red
  • Yellow to north east: 1 chain of 1 Yellow
  • Score: 2 Red + 1 Yellow
Scoring Example
  • Top Magenta to north east: 1 Magenta
  • Top Magenta to east: 1 Magenta
  • Bottom Magenta to north east: 1 Magenta
  • Bottom Magenta to east: 1 Magenta
  • Score: 4 Magenta
Scoring Example
  • Green: Chain of 3 Greens
  • Red: Chain of 1 Red
  • Score: 3 Green + 1 Red
Scoring Example
  • Left Blue: no score
  • Right Blue: Chain of 1 Blue
  • Score: 1 Blue (not 2 or 3!)

Total Scoring

Your total score is the score of your worst color (indicated in the example with the black line). So you may have scored 18 points on 5 colors but you only scored 1 on the 6th, your total score is only 1!

Total Score Example
Total Score = 1

Extra turn

When you fill one or more of your colors up to 18 points, you get to place an extra tile in the same turn. If you fill another color up to 18 points with your second tile you get to place a third tile and so forth. Your tiles are not refilled in between!

Swapping tiles

If you don't have any tile containing the color of any of your least scoring colors at the end of your turn, you may replace all your remaining tiles with 6 new ones.


The winner of the game is the first player who scores 18 points on each color, in this case the game end immediately. If the board is full before this happens (most of the time), the player with the best-worst scoring color is the winner.

Tie breaker

If two or more players end up with same total end score, the 2nd worst color determines the winner. If the 2nd worst color is also a tie, the 3rd worst color determines the winner and so forth.