1. How do compete for ranking?  
2. What are the conditions for a ranked game?  
3. What do the different colors before someones name mean?  
4. What kind of ranking system is used?  
5. How does the ranking calculation work?  
6. Can you give me an example calculation?  
7. What is the grade point ranking?  
8. How does the Allround ranking work?  
9 Why did I get a warning not to play my friends in a ranked lobby?  
10 Why did I loose my ranking points (at start of month)  
11 Will I get more ranking points for exceeding the point limit?  
12. Stranger Rule: Why can't I play a certain opponent?  
13. How does the 2 vs. 2 clan war ranking work?  

2. What are the conditions for a ranked game?

Ranking Lobby: Only games played in lobbies marked as 'ranking' will count for the ranking system.

Finished: Game will only count for the ranking when the game is properly finished.

Human opponents: You can only score points agains other human players, so you won't get any points for defeating a couple of bots.