AsoBrain Ranking System

All games are ranked using an ELO type ranking system. ELO ranking makes a calculation of ranking points based on the the following parameters:

  • Diffence in current ranking score
  • How thick you have beat your opponent
  • How many times you already played against your opponent

So, playing against people that are ranked higher than yourself you can gain more points than if you play against someone that is ranked lower. Therefor, highly ranked players should always try to play against each other, this can boost your ranking score the most.


  • You can reach the top of the ranking with a limited number of games, you just need to play (and win) against the right people.
  • The top of the ranking system cannot keep accumulating more and more points. This way the number 1 position will never be impossible to reach.
  • You can find yourself in the ranking list right after your first game.


  • When you are high ranked, losing against a lower ranked player can cost you a lot of points (if you lose) and gain little (if you win). Therefor, try to play against people with about the same ranking score as yourself.
  • The first position in the ranking is hard to maintain, losing one or two games will drop you in the ranking.

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