1. Download & Install Java  
2. Log on to games.asobrain.com  
3. Open the lobby in a new window  
4. Connecting to the server  
5. Lobby takes ages to load  
6. Connection problems  
7. I am always alone in the lobby  
8. My player name has become invalid, what now?  
9. JAR manifest requested to run in sandbox only  

1. Download & Install Java

To play our games you need at least java version 1.4 (Download Latest version of Java).

After installation, check the following window

Red cross

If the test only gives a red cross or doesn't start at all, this means your browser cannot find any Java plugin on your pc.

Java 1.4: Fail

If the test indicates Java 1.4 is not available, you will probably not be able to play the games at our site.


For both cases, this could mean the Java installation was not successfully completed, but it could also mean the browser plugin was not (correctly) installed. To check if the plugin was installed in Windows XP: Start->Settings->Control Panel->Java plug-in->Tab 'Browser'

It sometimes happens that the Java plugin is really not going to work in the Internet Explorer. In this case we can recommend an alternative browser (FireFox by Mozilla). After installing the alternative browser, reinstall Java and it might just work.