1. Download & Install Java  
2. Log on to games.asobrain.com  
3. Open the lobby in a new window  
4. Connecting to the server  
5. Lobby takes ages to load  
6. Connection problems  
7. I am always alone in the lobby  
8. My player name has become invalid, what now?  
9. JAR manifest requested to run in sandbox only  

2. Log on to games.asobrain.com


To play the games at our site you need to register a playername first. You are not obliged to enter an email address, but if you don't you won't be able to use the 'forgot password' option.

Certain player names will not be allowed, such as swear words, certain body parts, racist terms etc. Some of them will give you an error when registering, others won't but will result in being asked to register an other name by an operator. So please pick a decent name.


When going to the play area you will be prompted for your playername and password. The automatic logon only works if you have enabled (or not disabled) cookies.

Wrong password

If you can't login, the most obvious reason is you misspelled your username of password (I get frequent emails about people that can't login, most of the time they misspelled their password). Remember, the password is case sensitive. If you keep getting the same error while logging on and you're sure you spelled correctly, use the 'forgot password' option first, then contact us with a clear description of your problem.