Connecting to the server

Java 8 - AccessControlException/SocketPermission

Due to new security 'enhancements', Java 8 is no longer able to connect to our servers in sandboxed mode. On the play (lobby launch) page, select launch option 'full-permissions'.

Client/Server version mismatch

The lobby has a newer version than your applet. Normally, when you restart your browser or your pc the newest version is automatically downloaded. If this is not the case, you can try clearing your internet cache/temp internet files and Clearing Java cache.

Connection refused

If you get a message like:

  • Connection refused: connect
  • Socket not connected: connect
  • Server not responding.

and you are sure the lobby is not shutdown or jammed (because this could cause the same message) then:

  • Your anti virus software blocks traffic between you and the server, or
  • You are behind a firewall or router that blocks the required network ports.

In both cases (if you have access to it) the solution is opening the following ports for outgoing traffic:

Xplorers Ranking C&K 11980
Xplorers Ranking C&K 21982
Xplorers Ranking Basic 11983
Xplorers Ranking Basic 21984
Xplorers NonRanking1985, 1986, 1987
Xplorers Tournament1989, 1990, 1999
Toulouse Ranking1991 & 1992
Toulouse NonRanking1993 & 1994
Toulouse Tournament1995
Match1973 & 1974
RoadBlock1975 & 1976
Some public computers (libabry, university, at work) are not able to connect to a server on anything else then port 80 (standard port). Usually you won't be able to change that.