Connection problems

Many people come to us saying that they never have any problems browsing other websites and only have problems staying connected to our games. This might be true, the difference between our games and regular websites is that our games require a constant connection to our servers. Speed has little influence on this, the key factor here is consistency (stability).

Our system

Once the connection is dropped, a new connection needs be established and all missing data must be resend. This should work fine if the line is recovered within 20 seconds after disconnecting. Unfortunately our reconnecting system does not match up to many well-known systems where usually a team of developers have come up with a near perfect mechanism. Our system was created only by me (Aso) and unfortunately networking is not my area of expertise.

I used to spend many ours improving the system (with results), but the reality is that it will never work good for everyone.

Common external causes

Provider issues

The stability of the connection depends on the route from your home to our servers for a great deal. Our servers are located in a hosting facility in Amsterdam, which should have a reasonably good connection to all the major routes on the internet. However, for some reason certain parts of the world (usually less developed or far away countries/areas) are not connected as well as others. There is really not much you can change about this except moving to another country ;)

Wifi / Wireless

A wireless connection is known to cause many drop outs. If you can, make a cable connection between your modem/router and your PC to see if this improves anything.

Heavy uploads/downloads

Sometimes the connection of our games get pushed aside by heavy up/downloads (e.g. torrent, limewire etc.). Usually the down stream is big enough to facilitate this, but the upstream is often limited. Try to close all other up and/or downloads while playing our games to see if that improves anything.

Network settings

A while ago a member was having many troubles with his connection and he found out that changing certain settings in your network adapter can fix the problem. In his case it was disabling the 'offload checksum' which has proven to help for other members as well.

Java installation

An unexplainable factor is the Java installation itself. Apparently, your Java installation can become corrupt after a few automatic updates for some reason. I have heard many occasions of members no longer having any connection issues after removing all Java installations and reinstalling a fresh clean copy. How?

Your solution?

If you ever had many problems with connectivity and you somehow found a solution for it that is not described on this page, we would really appreciate it if you let us know so we can add it to this page!