Java browser plugin

To play our games you need Java version 1.6 or higher. You can download the latest version from

Platform support

PlatformAsoBrain Games support
Microsoft Windows (desktop)Supported
Linux (desktop)Supported
Apple Mac OS X (desktop) Supported
Google Android (tablet) Not supported
Apple iOS (tablet) Not supported

Browser support

BrowserJava support status
Internet Explorer Supported: Web Start & Applet
Microsoft Edge Supported: Web Start
Firefox Supported: Web Start
Chrome Supported: Webs Sart
Opera Supported: Web Start
Safari Supported: Web Start & Applet

After installation, check the following panel

Empty / Red cross

If the panel above is fully white or only gives a red cross, this means your browser cannot find any Java plugin on your pc. You can test your Java browser plugin on

Possible causes:

  • You do not have Java installed on your system
  • You have Java installed but no Java plugin for your specific browser was found

Sometimes the Java browser plugin is really not going to work in the Internet Explorer. In this case we can recommend an alternative browser (FireFox by Mozilla). After installing the alternative browser, reinstall Java and it might just work.

Java 1.5 or below

If the test indicates a Java version below 1.6 you will probably not be able to play the games at our site. You need to update your Java version to at least Java version 1.6.

Java 1.6

In order to play our games using Java 1.6 (a.k.a. Java 6) you may select persmission modes 'unsigned', 'sandboxed' or 'full-permissions' in your Launch Options.

Java 1.6 + OS X Snow Leopard

In order to play our games on OS X Snow Leopard you need to select launch method 'Java Applet' and select permission mode 'unsigned' in your Launch Options.

Java 1.7

In order to play our games using Java 1.7 (a.k.a. Java 7) you may select permission modes 'sandboxed' or 'full-permissions' in your Launch Options.

Java 1.8

In order to play our games using Java 1.8 (a.k.a. Java 8) you need to select launch option 'full-permissions' in your Launch Options.

Read More

There is a section on Java Issues on our forums. You may find tips or can ask questios about your specific system configuration (e.g. MacOS).