Starting Lobby

You can start a lobby by clicking on one of the lobbies on the Play Page.

Nothing happens


  • You suppress pop-up window, or
  • You disabled JavaScript.

Both are usually the result of a pop-up blocker or anti-virus software. If you can't or won't fix this, uncheck the 'Use pop-ups' option to open the lobby in the same window.

Empty blue screen


  • You have no Java browser plugin
  • You have an outdated Java version
  • You have Java 8 and did not use the 'full-permissions' launch option

Check the AsoBrain Java version applet or check your Java installation on

Lobby takes ages to load

If everything is Ok, getting into the lobby will take only a few seconds. If getting in takes very long (e.g. a couple of minutes) there's probably something wrong with your Java installation, possibly multiple versions are active.

To solve this, reinstall Java properly.

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