Logging on


To play the games at our site you need to register a player name first.

Certain player names will not be allowed (e.g. forbidden, swear, curse, vulgar or racist terms). Some will give you an error when registering, others won't but may result in your player name being removed afterwards. Please choose your player name responsibly.

You need to fully complete (and not just wait until the waiting time has past) the registration process before you can logon to the website.


When going to the play area you will be prompted for your playername and password. The automatic logon only works if your browser allows cookies.

If you can't login, the most obvious reason is you misspelled your username of password (I get frequent emails about people that can't login, most of the time they misspelled their password). Remember, the password is case sensitive. If you keep getting the same error while logging on and you're sure you spelled correctly, use the 'forgot password' option.

If you get a message stating your are banned and you are absolutely positive the message does not apply to you, don't panic. It does happen from time to time that innocent people get caught by our ban system. Contact us and we can adjust the automated system to let you through.

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