1. How does the game program work?  
2. Are some of the Basic game rules wrong?  
3. Are some of the Cities & Knights rules wrong?  
3. How do I play Cities & Knights (C&K)?  
4. How do I play Cheops?  
6. I don't see the dice statistics like other say!  
7. I'm stuck, but I can still hear the sounds!  
8. I get stuck on Loading Maps...  
9. How do I place a structure outside of the visible area?  
10. I can't see what I am typing!  
11. How do I re-enable a city that is turned up-side-down?  
12. How do I activate a knight?  
13. How do build a city with the medicine card?  
14. Why don't I get the Longest Route card?  
15. Why don't I receive my resources (for a certain number)?  
16. What's the difference between 'Default Island' and 'Default Official Island'  
17. Can I do a dice throwing test?  

8. I get stuck on Loading Maps...

If you get disconnected from the lobby every minute or Xplorers won't load maps and shows "Loading Maps..." you probably have a problem with the Offload Checksum. This happens on several Gigabit and some FastEthernet network adapters. Solution is to disable the checksum in the network adapter properties: Disable Offload Checksum.

In short (advanced windows users):

  • Disable the 'offload checksum' of your network adapter.

Step by step (for everyone):

1. Go to the 'System properties'

2. Go to the 'Device Manager' (tab 'Hardware')

3. Find your network adapter

4. Disable 'Offload Checksum' (tab 'Advanced')

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