1. How does the game program work?  
2. Are some of the Basic game rules wrong?  
3. Are some of the Cities & Knights rules wrong?  
3. How do I play Cities & Knights (C&K)?  
4. How do I play Cheops?  
6. I don't see the dice statistics like other say!  
7. I'm stuck, but I can still hear the sounds!  
8. I get stuck on Loading Maps...  
9. How do I place a structure outside of the visible area?  
10. I can't see what I am typing!  
11. How do I re-enable a city that is turned up-side-down?  
12. How do I activate a knight?  
13. How do build a city with the medicine card?  
14. Why don't I get the Longest Route card?  
15. Why don't I receive my resources (for a certain number)?  
16. What's the difference between 'Default Island' and 'Default Official Island'  
17. Can I do a dice throwing test?  

15. Why don't I receive my resources (for a certain number)?

There are only 19 cards for every resource in the bank. The rules are that if not all players could be dealt the full amount of resources, no player gets any of that resource.

There should be a notification in the game log area (top chat) when this happens like: 'Sold out: There are not enough cards in the bank of the following type(s): xxx'.

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