Registration stop

Registration stop

When I started this website for the public I had never anticipated so many abusive, disrespecting, whining and dishonest people. If I had knew at the time, I probably never would have started it. Some of you may know I absolutely love programming, creating new stuff and improving other. Unfortunately, since quite a while now, I rarely get the change to do so. I find myself constantly busy with the 'social stuff' which is no fun at all. Much of this can be handled by my lovely voluntary crew but they need proper tools to do so. Since I am always busy with the 'wrong' stuff these tools are also lacking at the moment. With the current rate of 'new' members, we find ourselves unable to handle every complaint, request, question with the attention we would like to.

To give ourselves some time to sort things out I have closed the registration form. Besides that, I have removed all inactive profiles that haven't logged on for at least 6 months. We are now down to about 180.000 active registered members which I think is quite a lot already. To be honest, I don't think this measure will hurt anyone that much. Currently active members can play with their usual names, truly new members are not addicted yet and banned players are, well, not welcome. If anything, I actually think it may create a better experience for our existing members in a short while.

I have not set an end-date for the registration stop. If ever, it will open when the current crew and crew-to-be are settled and have the proper tools to do their jobs.

Greetings, Aso


Q: I just told my friends about this website, can they please register?
A: No, we do not make exceptions.

Q: My old account doesn't work anymore, can I get it back?
A: No, if you haven't logged on for at least 6 months you are now a new member.

Q: Can I 'give' one of my accounts to a friend?
A: Yes, but this is at your own responsibility. If your friend gets banned, you will also.

Q: Can I post my profile details on the web so others can use it?
A: No, any account (name+pass) found posted on the web will be removed.

Q: Can I be notified when registration opens again?
A: No, you can check the news once and again Q: Can I somehow pay for an account (e.g. Donation)? A: No, no, no..