Xplorers ranking lobby rule changes for 2013

Dear members, It has come to my attention that some players find it harder to find the right opponents lately. With our decreased number of players available in the lobbies in combination with the stranger rule I can understand this. However, we do think the stranger rule works very well. Reports of teamwork have dramatically decreased since it's introduction and actual findings of teamwork even more. So, we decided to loosen the rules a bit. The stranger rule now looks back up to 3 months. We will change this to two months which we think will hugely increase your opponent base. If the effect turns out to be less then expected, perhaps the other parameters will loosen as well. Waiting for an opponent that just sits there and does nothing, I think it happens to all of us from time to time and it can be very frustrating. Especially not rolling the dice causes much frustration when there is no reason to but also having to wait a full 3 minutes for a non responsive player is terrible. Unfortunately there is no way to ever rule this out in this interactive, turn based game. We do think 3 minutes can be a bit long and rarely anybody uses the full 3 minutes legit anymore. So, the dice will roll automatically after 30 seconds in the future (in C&K, there will probably be an exception when the player has a paper development card to not reveal the fact that he does or doesn't have an alchemist). The timeout to get a kick dialog will be adjusted from 3 minutes to 2 minutes. Like many of you I would rather see an adjustable turn time or some sort of chess clock, but these parameters can be changed rather easily as opposed to taking me many hours to program and introducing new bugs. In quitting behavior we noticed on the one hand that people getting disconnected or crashed get back in the game quicker then they used to (probably due to faster computers). On the other hand we noticed people that actually quit pretty much know when to abandon the game to avoid any quit penalties. Therefor the amount of the game that you need to play to not get a quit report will be adjusted from 50% of the game to 75% of the game. Also, the automatic ban for the ranked lobbies will be activated after the 4th instead of the 5th quit report within 30 days. To summarize, the following changes will occur somewhere in the first few weeks of 2013: - stranger rule will look back 2 instead of 3 months - adjusted; - dice will roll automatically after 30 seconds; - maximum turn time will be 2 instead of 3 minutes - adjusted; - amount of time in game required to play will be 75% instead of 50% - automatic ranking lobby ban after 4th instead of 5th quit report - adjusted; Greetings and best wishes for 2013, Aso