Desperately seeking donations for 2013

Keeping a website like AsoBrain Games online costs a lot of money (a few hundred euro's each month). We really need your donations to keep it online and I truly hate asking for donations. This is why there is a 'become part of the heartbeat of AsoBrain Games' message on the 'Play' page whenever we are in need of donations (and remove it when we have enough to last a few months). However, the message has been up for almost a year now and the amount of donations keeps shrinking. I had hoped more people would donate around the holidays but that wasn't the case. Many of you responded to the previous request for donations back in 2010 and again in 2011. I think we are all very thankful for all of those that helped us out back then. However, donations are so low right now that we are even in dept. So once more I am going to have to ask for your help. Please consider donating here: I would like emphasize once more that all donations are used to pay for monthly expenses and not as a reward for me or my crew members. If the amount of donations keeps shrinking as they do at the moment we will be forced to take AsoBrain Games offline. Greetings, Aso Administrator