About Java security issues

Dear Members,

I'm sure you have noticed a lot of Java issues lately. I'm really sorry for all the inconvenience and will try to clarify one or two things to the best of my knowledge without getting into too much technical details.

The History:

Java Applets (unsigned - such as our games) always used to be very safe as they run in a so called 'sandbox environment'. From within this sandbox, the applet has no access to any files or devices on your computer which makes it super safe compared to a downloaded and installed .exe file (which has full access to anything on your computer).

Unfortunately (and this is my personal believe), Java applets needed to grow and gained more and more 'features' and thus more vulnerabilities. When Java was still under the care of Sun Microsystems they always payed decent attention to these vulnerabilities. However, Java was taken over by Oracle who focuses more on databases, networking and embedded devices while neglecting graphic user applications. This explains the instability issues many members have with Java 1.7

More on topic here, Oracle has been neglecting the internet security of Java and despite multiple warnings from parties as Mozilla, Apple and Microsoft they failed to properly fix the security issues.

The inconveniences:

The symptoms you all witness are measures from Mozilla (Firefox), Apple, Microsoft (Internet Explorer) and others, taken against the security issues of Java which of course Oracle should have taken care of themselves. By blocking Java from their browsers completely they avoid security holes being breached and at the same time forcing Oracle to do something about it.

Symptoms include: Java blocked completely; Message Java needs to be updated; Need to approve Java from running; Warnings Java is insecure and more

The warnings you receive do not refer to the security of our website or games, but to Java (JRE) in general.

What to do:

You will keep getting these security warnings in your browsers until Oracle properly fixes the security issues. The only thing you can do is keep Java updated to the latest version.

An unfortunate thing is that the Java update feature does not always function properly. If you experience problems after updating, remove all existing Java installations and download a fresh installation from (FAQ: How to properly reinstall Java).

TIP: If you do not trust Java anymore but you do trust our games, I suggest you use an alternate browser for AsoBrain games only. Make sure Java is only installed/enabled for this alternate browser so malicious websites can not run Java in your standard browser.

Greetings, Aso

P.S. If anyone has better information or thinks my explaination is wrong, let us know.