Java 7 update 65 - Bug: Trouble getting in the lobby

The latest Java update 65 contains an installation bug. After updating, some people experience trouble getting into our lobbies.

One of our forum members, Nonu, came up with a fix to correct the bug. This fix has already worked for many that experienced these problems. The fix can be applied in two ways: throught the Java Control Panel (easy) and by editing the '' file (advanced).

To test if you have this problem: Try our Java Version Test . If you pass the test but no Java is starting when you try to enter a lobby, this is most probably your problem. The methods described below should work for you.

Method 1: Java Control Panel

1. Go to your Java Control Panel (on Windows: Start->Control Panel->Java)

2. Go to your Java Runtime settings (top tab: 'Java' -> button: 'View')

3. Add a bogus text to the 'Runtime Parameters' field. In the 'Runtime Parameters' field for Product '1.7.0_65', add some text (for example: 'blabla'). Click 'Ok' to close, then click 'Apply' to save.

4. Clear the 'Runtime Parameters' field. In the same 'Runtime Parameters' field, now clear the bogus text you just entered. It will not work with the bogus text there. Click 'Ok' to close, then click 'Apply' to save.

5. Reboot

Method 2: file

If method 1 does not work for you and you know your way around your computer, definately try this one.

1. Open your '' file for editing. In windows, this file is usually located: 'C:|Users|${USER}|AppData|LocalLow|Sun|Java|Deployment|'

2. Add the following line deployment.javaws.jre.0.args=

3. Reboot or Log off and on

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