Introducing Emelie & Upcoming Tournaments

It's been quite some time since we last organized an official AsoBrain tournament. We haven't even had a tournament manager for a couple of years. Today, I am proud to introduce Emelie as our new Tournament Manager. Emelie has been playing with us for many years and you may know her as member of the {COW} clan. Before joining AsoBrain Games, Emelie helped organizing tournaments at one of our sister sites and now she's eager to start organizing them here at AsoBrain.

Emelie, we wish you the best of luck and joy organizing our tournaments for many years to come!

Upcoming Tournaments

The first two tournaments are scheduled to start in March 2016:

  • Xplorers Cities and Knights Tournament to 17 points.
  • Xplorers Basic Tournament to 13 points on the Default Island.

Detailed information and sign-ups will follow soon.