Ingenious closed until further notice

In March of this year, we had come to an informal agreement with the publishers of Ingenious. This agreement would allow us to offer Ingenious on our website for a reasonable fee compared to our tiny budget. We decided to take the chance to see if offering Ingenious would be worth the money. Luckily Ingenious was received with success and we were quite happy with the agreement.

Unfortunately a few months later, during our summer vacation, we received a notice that they changed their mind and are now asking for a fee of 10 times the initial amount. In case we would not be willing to pay the new license fee, we had to take down Ingenious immediately. Needless to say this new fee is way out of our budget so we are forced to close all Ingenious lobbies immediately.

Please accept our sincere apologies for getting you all excited about Ingenious only to have it taken down a few months later. I hope you all understand this decision is beyond our control and we have no other choice but to comply.

We will make further attempts to save Ingenious on AsoBrain Games but we fear the worst. Please do not overwhelm the publishers of Ingenious with your personal appeals, this has proven (by sister sites) to have a negative effect on the negotiations.