Xplorers Map Competetion 2017/2018 Voting Started

The finalists for each category is constructed by combining the jury reports of our crew's managers Aso, Watsaname and Cuarentaytres. Luckily our opinions about the maps matched, so the list of finalists was easily constructed. We did not include a list with jury reports for each map. If you wish to know why your map didn't make it to the final 20, feel free to ask us personally.

Again, like last map competition, I am personally to blame for the delay in this competition. I have been on cloud nine, while on a 'virtual honeymoon' because Cuarentaytres and I got married last year.

Normal/(semi-)random Map Finalists

(in order of entrance date)
1. Race to the Center (Deacon)
2. Portless (Watsaname)
3. Magic Well (Sophililius)
4. Fighting Time (Buttercupsausage)
5. Gold Islets (CMorris)
6. The Thing (Bob123)
7. Treasure Island (Rhinos)
8. Britannia (canaBiss)
9. New World Order (Vimz)
10. Trekkers (Gingermuffin)

Fixed Field Maps Finalists

(in order of entrance date)
1. Magnolia Town (F1sher)
2. Coast to Coast (Valentin Marolf)
3. Under the Rainbow (Tribblez)
4. Tanzania (Gwyneth)
5. Pinwheel (TinaMitch)
6. Pool Bar (CaroLeo)
7. Rhombus (Sharp741)
8. Oh Canada (Please Join Me)
9. Realm of Middle Earth (Bigman Joe - Da Show)
10. Bad Trip (Davelfla)

Play the maps in the Tournament lobby and vote for your favorite in each category.

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