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Full player name:Aso
Member since:May 11, 2005
Country: Netherlands
Last Xplorers Play: Nov 18, 2021
Last Match Play: Nov 18, 2021
Last RoadBlock Play: Nov 18, 2021
Last Toulouse Play: Nov 18, 2021

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Location:Nederhorst den Berg
Local time:07:33h (GMT +1: Amsterdam, Paris, Rome) 

Hi everyone,

My name is Sjoerd but you all know me as Aso. I'm a 40-something year old software engineer and live somewhere in the center of The Netherlands.

My biggest hobby is programming in Java which I've been doing since the 90's. Together with a hand full of loyal crew members we run our non-profit AsoBrain sites.

I mostly play Xplorers, but I also enjoy a game of Toulouse from time to time.

See you in the games (probably incognito)!