AsoBrain Games is funded by Heartbeat donations to the AsoBrain Foundation ('Stichting AsoBrain' in dutch).

The goal of the AsoBrain foundation is to provide easily accessible online gaming.
The foundation hopes to achieve its goal by
offering and maintaining online games and their website(s) in a non-profit way.
Heartbeat Pulse

The big heart is the donation meter of AsoBrain Games. It shows the financial health of the AsoBrain Foundation. As long as it stays almost filled we're in good health. Read more: Donation meter

Hosting a website like AsoBrain Games requires a fair amount of money. Up until 2006 we used to pay for new hardware and hosting expenses ourselves because we want to offer our games without entrance fee, annoying advertisements and irritating pop-ups! Because we like to keep it that way, and we think you do to, we're asking for your help. To keep games.asobrain.com up and running the best way we can without making money, we need your donations. These donations are used to pay for the hosting costs of AsoBrain Games only, donations are not be used for private purposes!

If you are a regular player, you appreciate our efforts and you want the games to stay online you can help us out! All we ask for is €10,00 or $11.00 to become part of the heartbeat of the AsoBrain Foundation. As a token of our appriciation your name will be shown with a Heartbeat Icon Heartbeat icon throughout the website for one year (if you like). We prefer that you make a contribution because you have already enjoyed our website in the past (year). This because we can not guarantee the continuation of all the games on the website. In case one or more games are to be removed it would be impossible to issue everyone a full refund.


Making a donation to the foundation does not mean you'll be above the rules! When violating the rules you'll have to accept the consequences just like any other player. If so, we will not be obliged to issue a refund.