Xplorers C&K Spring Tournament 2016

Hello Xplorers Fans,

We are proud to invite you to our:


We are looking forward to fair and exciting games.

Happy gaming!
AsoBrain Tournament Manager

For more information:

Tournament Rules

The entire tournament will be played with Cities & Knight games to various points. Games shall be played in the 'Tournament 1' lobby, these games will be automatically recorded and will not count for your personal ranking.


You may sign up 1 entry per house hold. If you wish to sign up with more then one name from one house hold, please contact the Tournament Manager with an explanation as to why you should be allowed. If we have reasonable suspicion you are entering with 2 or more names without approval, all entries may be disqualified.

Road to the finals

In all rounds, except for the finals, 3 matches are to be played in a row with the following specifications:

  • Default Island - 13 points
  • Stoneage - 15 points
  • Full Xplorers - 17 points

The Finals

For the finals, 3 matches are to played in a row with the following specifications:

  • Secret Map - 13 points
  • Secret Map - 15 points
  • Secret Map - 17 points

The Secret Map will be announced during the course of the tournament.

Preliminary Round

The entire preliminary round will take place on a single day:
Sunday, April 24th 2016

Groups will be assigned using 2 start times (selected at sign up):

  • Morning: 11:00h / 11am Amsterdam time
  • Afternoon: 19:00h / 7pm Amsterdam time

All 3 matches for the preliminary will be played in a row, the first match starting at the specified time.

If you wish to compete in this tournament you must be available for at least 3 hours after the specified starting time!

Scheduling for following rounds

Following rounds will be scheduled as a group within a larger time frame to accommodate groups with players from completely different time zones.

Scheduling will take place on our forums in the topic created for your group. As a group you will schedule a date and time to attempt to play all 3 games in a row. During the round, please check your group topic at least once a day to complete the scheduling as quickly as possible. If you are unable to schedule within the given time frame, the tournament organization may disqualify the player that is most accountable for the delay.

Each player in the group will post their available hours for every day of the entire week like the following example:

DateAmsterdam timeOptional Timezone
Monday April 2519:00h - 05:00h10am - 8pm PDT
Tuesday April 2620:00h - 03:00h11am - 6pm PDT
Wednesday April 2718:00h - 05:00h9am - 8pm PDT
Thursday April 2819:00h - 05:00h10am - 8pm PDT
Friday April 2919:00h - 05:00h10am - 8pm PDT
Saturday April 3019:00h - 05:00h10am - 8pm PDT
Sunday May 119:00h - 05:00h10am - 8pm PDT

This way you can easily find matching dates and times for all players, even after a first attempt fails. Posting you 'could perhaps play tomorrow around 5pm' is insufficient and inefficient because when it fails, the process will have to start all over again.

Group Winners

Each round, contestants will be placed in named groups of 3 (or 4 if needed) players. Each group will play 3 matches as specified for each round. For each match:

  • 1st place: +5 points
  • 2nd place: +3 points
  • 3rd place: +1 points
  • 4th place: 0 points
The winner of the group is the player with the most points after 3 matches.

TIED MATCH: All players tied for 2nd place receive 2 points. For four player groups: All players tied for 3rd place receive 1 point.

TIED GROUP: If two or more players in the group are tied for first place, the player with most wins is the winner, otherwise the player with the most victory points over the 3 matches is the winner.

Tournament Winner

The winner of the tournament will receive a golden Xplorers cup icon and eternal glory in our hall of fame.