Xplorers 2v2 Spring Tournament 2008

Questions, please e-mail me at tournaments-at-you-know-where.

Tournament Rules

Each group will play 3 C&K games with the same 2 teams. Each team gets to choose 1 map and then the 3rd map is chosen by agreement or using the Surprise Me! choice of maps.

The WINNER of each round of the tournament will be based on the # of games won, but please note: to be the winner of a game your 'team' (the total of both players scores) must have the most points at the time victory is claimed. There will be 3 games, 1st team to win 2 games wins that round of the tournament.

You do not need to be in a clan or of the same clan in order to participate. Please remember that it is very important for you & your team member to sit 'opposite' each other (ie: seats 1 & 3 or 2 & 4). That is the way that you will be allowed to see your team mates cards!!

You will have 1 month for each round of 3 games (no exceptions - In the case that none of the games or not all games are played after 1 month, the crew decides the winner based upon played games and availability.). Please use tournament lobby #1 to play your games & remember that the games will not count in your rankings (just listed there for reference).

We will be taking the 1st 32 'pairs' that sign up for the tournamnet. Please speak with the person that you are signing up with, before you sign the 'team' up.

The maps for the Spring 2008 2v2 tournament are:

  • River Runs through It
  • Discovery
  • Even Steven
  • Metro's ahoy
  • Hide & Seek
  • Wonder ports