Toulouse Open World Championship 2009

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Aso Brain is hereby announcing the first Toulouse Open World Championship

Register early, register many!

Starting today, registrations will be accepted for the next three weeks (18 March 2009 to 06 April 2009) for up to 80 players. Players of all calibres are kindly invited and strongly encouraged to join! See the sign-up sheet and add your name to the list of participants! Registration is free. FCFS.

Hone your wits, cross your fingers, and let the games begin!

Tournament Rules

Preliminary: Round-Robin Qualification Stage

The proposed format is different from that of previous tournaments. To ensure every one gets to enjoy a fair number of games, and to minimize early scheduling delays, the first stage of the tournament will be structured as a single round-robin. Players will be grouped geographically and play a single game against every other player in their group over a period of five weeks. Two points will be awarded for every victory, and one point for ties. The two top finishers in each group will advance to the next stage.

Semi Finals: Double-Elimination Stage

In this next stage, 16 players will play best-of-three matches. Resuts from the previous stage will be used to seed players and a double-elimination scheme will be followed.

Final Stage

The final will pit the last two participants in a best-of-five match.

All games will be two-player games, will be held in the Toulouse tournament lobby and will use all expansions available on this site. The games will not be rated for the ranking system. Please feel free to contact the crew by addressing emails to girodias-at-you-know-where, or by posting in the tournament's forum section, if you have any questions.