Xplorers C&K Tournament 2010



Tournament manager

Tournament Rules

As the name of the tournament says the games will be of the Xplorers C&K type.

Sign up: Signing up will be possible for 1 month. The number of contestants is unlimited. Only 1 entry per person will be admitted.

Games are played up to 15 points. Games are capped at 15.

In round 1 (and round 2 in the event of more thean 81 entries) contestants will be grouped geographically. In the next rounds the contestants will be distributed randomly. Every round will last for up to 3 weeks maximum. Be sure you can be online; availible for games enough during this tournament before signing up!

A group consists of 3 contestants. Each group will play best-of-three matches. The winner proceeds to the next round. The others are eliminated from this tournament. If the number of contestants is more then 81, we might consider to begin the tournament with an alternative round. Winners of the semi-finals will play for 1st and 2nd place in the Final round. Runners-up of the semi-finals will play for 3rd and 4th place.

All games will be played in one of the tournaments lobbys. Games will not be ranked.

Maps used will be revealed later (surprise Wink) You can enter your favourite maps into the poll.