Xplorers 2v2 Summer Tournament 2007

It's about time for a new Xplorers tournament... We were thinking that maybe a 2v2 tournament would be kind of fun! Grin I am still trying to work out the details of it - but would like to see how much interest there is for it. I would like people to sign up in teams of 2. It will most likely be a double elimination style tournament this time around. We are trying to make it work just like the current 2v2 games that clan members can play - where you will be able to see all of each others resources and development cards and trade any to all cards with your partner... It should be lot's of fun! Please sign up below to show your interest (please check with your friend, before signing them up though Wink).

Tournament Rules

Each group will play 3 games with the same 2 teams. Each team gets to choose 1 map and then the 3rd map is chosen by agreement or using the Surprise Me! choice of maps.

The tournament will be based on combined points, from both team members, as well as 3 points in addition to the 'winners' score. Since games are played to 17 points, the winner will get a max points of 17 + 3 points (no running up the score), then all other team members scores will be added as well. {Example: So if 1 team member wins & the other scores 10 points - your team would get 30 points for that game.} Another very important thing to know is that you are your team must sit 'opposite' each other (ie: seats 1 & 3 or 2 & 4). That is the way that you will be allowed to see your team mates cards!!

You will have 1 month for the 1st round of 3 games (no exceptions - In the case that none of the games or not all games are played after 1 month, the crew decides the winner based upon played games and availability.). Please use the tournament lobby to play your games & remember that the games will not count in your rankings... Post the results of your games in the appropriate section with your names.

The maps that we will be using are the following:

  • River Runs through It
  • Full Xplorers
  • Gold Secret
  • Golden Circle XL
  • Hesitation
  • Mingle