Toulouse Spring Tournament 2008

It is about time for another Toulouse tournament don't you think?? After the last Toulouse tournament it was evident that a few changes needed to be made.

Please contact me at tournaments-at-you-know-where if you have any questions.

Tournament Rules

The games will be 2 player games, since it appears that is what most people play & prefer for Toulouse.

Each round (there will be 6 rounds) will consist of 3 games between the same 2 players. The player that wins 2 or more of the 3 games will advance to the next round of the tournament. Each round of the tournament will be given 2 weeks time.

Please make sure that if you sign up, that you will be available & chekcing the forum often, as that is how people communicate to schedule their games. This tournament will take the 1st 64 players to sign up.

All tournament games are to be played in the Toulouse tournament lobby. This tournament will be using all of the expanions available on the site.